On May 25, 2002 Jay and Katryna became the Twilbecks . . .

. . . as time has gone on we are now . . .

The Four Twilbecks

Jay, Katryna, Brianna, and Chris.

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August 24, 2013

New School Year!

We're at it again this year is going off like a bomb. Katryna and I are still doing the same thing. I'm at Magnolia Park and she's at USM with the autism project. The biggest change though is that Katryna has finished her degree and is half way through the process of becoming a licensed professional counselor. She's seeing 3-5 clients a week as an intern with Islands Counseling. The kids are loving 1st and 5th grades. 
I'm gonna try to get some pictures up soon!

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